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General Information

Originally we were a group dedicated to artists and teams trying to pitch comics in the industry. However, now we are supporters of all webcomic artists and comic creators.

:iconyutasmileplz: Rules

:bulletred:To Join::bulletred:
:pointr:1. Simply just send a Join request. That's all there is to it.


:police: General :police:
:pointr:1. You may submit up to 4 pieces of artwork per day.
:pointr:2. Any style is acceptable in this club
:pointr:3. Don't post anything of a pornographic nature (although nudity is allowed)
:pointr:4. If you must post a photo (i.e. you don't have a scanner and do your work traditionally), please try to make the photo as high quality as possible.
:pointr:5. No Fanart; this is a comic club, please only post images relating to your own works.

:gallery: Featured Folder :gallery:
:pointr:1. Only the following are allowed: Cover pages or first pages for comics that are 3+ pages, stand-alone comics, or promotional images. You may submit other pages for multiple page comics to the other folders.
:pointr:2. Please only post your best work to the featured folder.

:gallery: Critiques Folder :gallery:
:pointr:1. Please only submit works you are willing and wanting to receive critiques on.
:pointr:2. When giving critiques please be respectful of the artist. We reserve the right to ban people for misconduct.

:pointr:1. The favorites work much in the same way as the submissions. Please make sure to submit favorites that you think are useful to everyone in the club (not just yourself).
:pointr:2. We wish to discourage suggestions of pieces created by members in the club. This is merely to prevent duplicates of pieces in both galleries should the member them-self choose to upload that particular piece at a later date.

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Welcome to the hub~!  Here you will find promotional listings for club members~!  If you wish to submit for this section please send a Note to the club following the guidelines listed at the bottom and remember to observe the club rules (i.e. no adult content, be respectful)~! ^_^


:bulletyellow:Zenchav Promo by DracoPlato
Zenchav by DracoPlato
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Drama / Action
Description: The son of a devil is raised by his father's slave in the early1900s for his eventual future as a pawn in his father's plan to make the people of the Earth suffer for their own betterment.

:bulletyellow:Psychteria Webcomic cover by CalimonGraal
Psychteria by CalimonGraal
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Description: Cali Nightstone is a bitter, lonely girl, hiding from a haunting past. After finding an estranged lizard man her life begins to change. Her past begins to resurface and she must face an incoming catastrophe that threatens the populace of her planet.

:bulletyellow:Fallacy - Ch. 2 by Damatris
Fallacy by Damatris
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Norse Mythology
Description: When young earl gets kidnapped things get messy as the task given to him in exchange for freedom goes horribly wrong.

:bulletyellow:Love Metal Chapter 1 by HeartandVoice
Love Metal by HeartandVoice
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Description: Karin Stone is a typical high school girl who's friendly and loved by everyone. At least, that's what she wants them to think.

:bulletyellow:Concerning Rosamond Grey Page 1 by Hestia-Edwards
Concerning Rosamond Grey by Thexenops
Rating: Teen
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Description: In the late 19th century, little Rosamond Grey snuck into the woods one night, and was found unconsciousness the next day. For years afterwards she suffers from seizures from an unknown ailment. Dr. Glass is loosing hope for her cure, until a strange foreigner hints of a different cause…

:bulletyellow:Issue 1 Cover by emily-ree
Anarchy Dreamers by dodger-d  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Fantasy/High School Life/Mystery/Romance
Description: A group of friends wake up from a terrible nightmare, gifted with strange abilities and memories of a different world...

:bulletyellow:'Oh, Brother!' Chapter 2 - Pg 2-3 by jijikero
Oh, Brother! by Jiji Kero
Rating: Mature
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi
Description: After 8 long years, Eiko will be reunited with his half brother, Umi- little does Eiko know that Umi plans to seduce him on the very 1st night!

:bulletyellow:Cover version 2 by AlienShores
Alien Shores by Kathy Catlin
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Long-form drama
Description: Having a personal crisis, Max impulsively joins a band. However his insecurity may cost him his friends, his band, and possibly his life.

:bulletyellow:An Elegant Evening by Ellen-Natalie
Furry Experience by Ellen Natalie
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slice of Life
Description: Three roommates attending college in Utah Valley. Between their different backgrounds, beliefs, and friends, there's sure to be lots of comedy and drama
before anyone earns a diploma.

:bulletyellow:Warm Welcome: Pg.09 by JM-Henry
The Lostland by J.M. Henry  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Sci-fi, Supernatural
Description: The adventures of four travelers unknowingly wrapped up in a chain of events, all leading to one man's plot to turn the world on it's head.

:bulletyellow:Bi-Morphon Cover by FrozenBox
Bi-Morphon by Frank Esparza
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Sci-Fi
Description: Two small robots roam in space attempting to defend worlds from destruction using local life forms, but continue to fail. Earth is next.

:bulletyellow:Somebody to Love by TrinitySilph
Amaravati by Meg Rowe
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Description:  A cursed prince, a questing princess, a corrupted mage, and enough secrets to last a lifetime. The truth lies in history long forgotten.

:bulletyellow:A Teaser by AbnormallyNice
White Space by Joh Viljoen
DA Group
Rating: Teen to Young Adult
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Description: Tired of living under the Alphantos Protocol, twin brothers, Joel and Aiden, embark on a journey to escape from it.  The only leads they have are the legends on a place where Runners are free to live as the please. 'Free City', the Runner's paradise.

:bulletyellow:It's Stargazer! by OneWingArt
Stargazer the Magical Cat by OneWingArt
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Description: Meet Stargazer, a purple cat with magical powers who is determined to help other creatures in need. Light-hearted, colorful and cute.

:bulletyellow:Cretaceous Survivor -main cover- by SpeedComics
Cretaceous Survivor by Ángel Povedano  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Action, Adventure
Description: 65 millions of years ago, a meteor fell down on earth and annihilated every dinosaur, but one, How will this velociraptor manage to survive the extinction?

:bulletyellow:Bremen, issue 1 cover by DevinHWorks
Bremen by darkeye36
Rating: Teen
Genre: TBA
Description: The story of a young man gifted with vast preternatural abilities as a result of his unique heritage, who is drawn into a life of adventure, intrigue, and danger when he gains the unwanted attention of sinister forces with grand designs for the world and a vested interest in reining in powerful beings such as himself...

:bulletyellow:Asternight chapter 1 - Collision by Asternight-comic
Asternight by tery-chan
Rating: Teen
Genre: Supernatural/Psychological/Tragic/Humor/Thriller
Description: One bad decision puts a young girl on a path of revenge and survival. She learns about another world that was hiding in the shadows this whole time and gains a family she never had. But what is actually happening? And is everything she knew even real?

:bulletblue:Open for Commissions:bulletblue:

:bulletyellow:AbnormallyNice -Commission Information:…
Examples: WS: Ready for a fight by AbnormallyNice Dragons and Snow by AbnormallyNice

:bulletyellow:KelciD -Commission Information:…
Examples: Nick by KelciD Kaitlin and Adam by KelciD

:bulletyellow:TrinitySilph -Commission Information:…
Examples: ESS 2012 - DarkenedOwl by TrinitySilph Art Trade: Raxgond by TrinitySilph

:bulletyellow:NemesisXIII -Comission Information:…
Examples: Radioactive Man! by NemesisXIII Spawn Color 01 by NemesisXIII

:bulletblue:Artists looking for Writers:bulletblue:
:bulletyellow::iconcomical1: is an artist open for writing partners.
Personal Statement from artist: "I'm a general artist, able to do pencils to colors. I have a soft spot for fantasy. I like to keep my work clean, so I wouldn't accept projects with nudity in them or politically insensitive topics. The programs I use are Sketchbook Pro, sometimes photoshop and sometimes comic life all mixed together. I've vastly improved at colors since my sample comic work, though if I had to identify my weak point, its complex backgrounds. I would need a week minimum to complete a page, and can work out a schedule with artists for gaps in production (ex: during holidays and such)."
Examples: Pencils:…
Digital Inks:…
Colored Covers:………
Colored Pages:………

:bulletblue:Writers looking for Artists:bulletblue:
:bulletyellow::iconevilpixiea: is seeking an artist.  Project and duration is open.  Writer has a preference for fantasy, realistic surrealism, or anything dark.  The writer is also willing to do superheroes or generally quirky things for shorter projects.  Otherwise, project is negotiable and open to creative input from the artist.

:bulletyellow::iconlukemckoy: is seeking an artist for some already written projects.
Fortune - a medieval fantasy comedic series. Meet Lucan and his small band of merry men (and woman!) In the midst of trying to earn a living, they have to fit in prophecies, wars and other inconveniences...
Examples: Prelude or Issue 1

Hero/Villain - super-hero, romance series. Which path would you head down if you were given powers? Does life dictate your choices, or is every step one of your own choosing?
Examples: Prelude, Issue 1, Part 1, and Issue 1, Part 2

Note Form Information:
:bulletred:Webcomic: Include a link to the comic, a link to a deviation to use as a thumbnail (optional), the title of the comic, creator names and how they contribute (the writer, artist, etc.), the genre, a rating (Everyone, Teen, Mature, etc.), and 140 character length description (i.e. a Twitter post length).
:bulletred:Print Comics: Include a link(s) to where the comic can be purchased, a link to a deviation to use as a thumbnail (optional), the title of the comic, creator names and how they contribute, the genre, a rating, and 140 character length description
:bulletred:Open for Commissions: Include a link to the commission information and 1-2 links of work you wish to showcase for it
:bulletred:Artists looking for Writers: Include artist type (general, inker only, etc.), 2-3 links of your best work to exemplify your skills, and a brief blurb about any project specifications (preferred type or other restrictions that the writer should consider).
:bulletred:Writers looking for Artists: Include project title, project genre, expected duration of project, preferably a link to an example of your work, and a link to the project information (or an extremely short blurb about the project).
:bulletred:Comics will be removed from the list if they haven't updated within the last six months (unless they are completed works).
More Journal Entries


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GL-ZOON Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for accepting me!!!
black-dog2008 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
inejwstine Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry... dA glitched out on me as I was submitting my comic to groups and started submitting the wrong thing.  And since it's on auto-accept I didn't get a chance to undo. ^^;  It was this one here:
Sorry about that!
DracoPlato Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
No worries~! :D
Matchbox-Dan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014

Hey there!

My friend Realexis and I have been writing a comedy/drama comic called "Voodooville" for about a year now. We've finished our first solid draft of the first book of what we hope becomes a series, and we're starting work on the second book right away.

Preview of the first 8 pages (Out of a total of 40 pages)… We also screwed around with storyboarding using Bitstrips- please, don't put stock into any visuals we've used

Our story is about a voodoo doll that, through the spell of a voodoo shaman, becomes possessed by the soul of a dead man. This person has essentially been reincarnated, born anew, into a New Orleans that is experiencing a sudden, mysterious introduction of very real magic, such as voodoo, that til now has been believed to all be superstition and fiction. As the story progresses, it is revealed that magic in all its fictitious forms is becoming reality all over the world, and nobody knows why. The voodoo doll sets out with the friends he meets along the way to figure out what the hell is going on, and who the hell he used to be before he died.

We've put so much work into our crazy plot and world, it's pretty difficult to concisely sum up the story- so please, ask questions if you're confused or intrigued about anything.

Our issue is neither of us can draw. We're not able to pay for the art, and we understand asking someone to draw 40 pages, each of which requires pretty complex art for free is a lot.

So, we want to set up a casual partnership with any competent artist who enjoys our story, and is looking to develop their art skills in an interesting way. All we ask from you is for the art to make sense with the story we've written- outside of that, you'll have complete creative liberty. We encourage you to come up with imaginative, even surreal art- the story demands it. The art can be comprised of basic sketches, or something more finished- as long as your art is cool, unique, and recognizable as a comic that we can release, we ain't complaining.

Once we find the artist we want and they draw the forty pages, we plan on releasing weekly as a webcomic. If we find we can continue past that, and you are still committed and right for the job, you can continue to work with us, and split any kind of profit with us. If you don't wish to continue, and we go on to find a new artist, you will always be credited in future issues as our first artist. Obviously, any profit from the pages you've produced will be split fairly with you.

We're having a lot of fun with this story, and have a lot of epic ideas for the direction we want to take it in. We really hope our dedication to Voodooville is clear- I've seen plenty of partnerships between comic artists and writers where the artist is clearly doing all the heavy lifting. We don't want that. We just want to make something awesome.
Please message me if interested!

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